Headshot Heroes


Headshot Heroes is the sports game with a wicked twist! Lead a host of crazy teams to victory and use power shots to collect the heads of the opposition keepers!

"Over 1,000 headshots per hour! Awesome!"

Tech Tiles


Mobile game developed in collaboration with Kyle Waring where we hook the player with a simple concept. Watch the promotional video and discover a little more about this.

"64 on time attack, really addicting. Love this type of game!"

Zombie 300


Smash zombies! This game is a hit on GooglePlay with more than 100.000 installs reaching top positions in many countries around the world.

"I never thought something so simple could be so addictive..."

Moon Base

In Production

Drive an unidentified flying object through different galaxies and reach the challenges. In a few hours you will become the god of the space.

"Smooth control, cool design and addictive gameplay. This game will be successful in the market!"


In Production

In the era where everybody plays Candy Crush, we offer this awesome puzzle game for mobile that will keep you entertained for hours. Check out the screenshots!

"Simple puzzle easy to learn, hard to master and difficult to leave once you try it."

UFO Hook

Looking for Funding

New concept of puzzle game where you drop a hook from your ship in order to collect the planet resources. Clearly it has a great potential for the casual market.

"It seems simple to control and promises to be very addictive! I'd love to see it on my iPhone."

Ovo Toy

Looking for Funding

Adopt an incredible pet on your mobile or tablet. Protect it with care, feed with exquisite food and customize it as you like. I am sure you will be inseparable friends.

"Daddy, if I lose the phone... will I lose my cute OvoToy?"

TAT - Think and Touch


Educational game to play in family with the little ones. Practice your visual skills and use the logic to solve the levels in various puzzle minigames.

"Very nice concept, very well done. Kids and parents will absolutely enjoy this game."

Fish 4 Sushi

Looking for Funding

Do you like Sushi? Discover unique oceans, catch the fish and prepare delicious pieces of sushi. It will be exciting to live this adventure from the hook of a fishing rod.

"At first I thought the concept of the game was great but when I saw the prototype and the graphics I fell in love."

Oh My Bot


Control a robot lost in space base during a meteor rain. In summary, escape at full speed! And dont forget to improve the features.

"Perfect combination of platform game with physics. The game keeps you alert and motivates to upgrade and become more powerful."


Looking for Funding

Game based on the popular american tv show where you have to guess the five-letter word after being shown the first letter.

"Develop a well-known game with new variations, keep it simple and make it modern without losing the gameplay that made ​​it successful."

Argon the legend

Looking for Funding

Monsters from Kinor have stolen the 6 Argon crystals that kept the doors closed to the underworld. Exterminate the invaders, find the crystals and restores peace to your land.

"Mix of adventure, action and RPG. All the necessary to engage and satisfy a large target audience"

The Ant Explorer


Explore an anthill and collect objects that will be used in the future correctly.This is a point and click game illustrated with a sweet graphics and ambiented with relaxing music.

"Good game for kids, I love the artwork and calming music."

Pinky Peas

Looking for Funding

Funny peas bouncing with everything they touch. Use the cannon to launch them in a world of crazy physics.

"I love the effects of physics in this game. I could be watching for hours as peas bounce..."

Santa Claus Casting


Seasonal game! We are seeking the next santa claus. Jump over the platforms and collect coins to show your agility and prove you are the perfect candidate.

"Love it! Cute little jumping game with levels! why not love it?"


Looking For Funding

Heidi has to survie in Swiss Alps after the loss of her grandfather. This game is not for children, we offer bloody content under a sweet and colorful graphics.

"I like the idea, this game keep you awake!"

Spanish Omelette


Product made in 24h! This is the result of a games jam with the main theme of cooking. When you have little time to develop, use your creativity and minimal resources.

"The truth is that 24 hours is a long time to prepare an spanish omelette, but that's what it took."

Locked in Bathroom 2


Product made in 12h! The second parts are faster to produce but harder to solve it. Simple point and click where you have to leave the bathroom.

"I didnt know you have to be an electronics expert to leave a bathroom, original game!"

Locked in Bathroom


Product made in 24h! This is the result of an internal games jam we do occasionally. You are locked in a bathroom and you need a key to exit. Explore and investigate!

"Too bad we can not yet integrate odors in videogames. This would have been a great challenge!"